Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DOT-Disappointing or Terrific?

Hello Everyone! Today the new makeup line, which replaced Sephora, was released! The store is called DOT, and well I am having mixed feelings about it!

Above is a picture of the new line and my medoll glammed up in the new makeup. I tried my hardest to create something good however I became overwhelmed with all the colors. I do not think any of the lip colors, facial makeup, or the majority of the eye makeup is fit for medolls and girls who are not white. Everything looks a bit like a clown or foolish on my medoll and I have to say I had higher expectations. To me this store is good for bright colors, but not for everyday makeup. I kind of want stardoll to create another store that highlights what girls with different colors and looks need!

Well anyways, that is just my opinion! What is yours? Is it Disappointing or Terrific?


  1. It is more of a disappointment in my opinion. I definitely agree, too many bright, bright colors. I like my makeup more subtle so a lot of the stuff doesn't fit what I need. I'll stick with the Sephora stuff that I already have, I think!

  2. Hahaha same here Jessie! I stocked up, so I should be good for a while! :D

  3. It is disappointing.
    but it does go with stardoll's new theme.
    I wish stardoll would offer more skintones.

  4. I really dislike it. The colours are quite trashy or unsuited to a majority of girls. Why can't we have MAC ?

  5. Yeah IA also. I think it would be ok for the younger ones on stardoll. I do like some of the colors, if I wanted to do a fantasy/stage look.

  6. Are Stardoll Staff racists?
    Sephora was much better, because it hada lot of Earhy tones, don't ya think?


  7. Im in between! I didnt really get to use Sephora makeup. Besides when it was for non supserstar and when I became a Superstar, When I became a superstar it had changed. I try working with it! But I agree it is hard.
    Im going to give it a Thumbs Down.

  8. Stardoll is NOT racist (someone above said they were), but I think that they should DEFINITELY add more colors! I'm giving it a thumbs down too.