Wednesday, March 18, 2009

APG gift recieved!

Hello everyone! So today when I signed on stardoll and began to check my mail I got a messege from Stardoll! I was so surprised and happy as to what it read. It was about my win for best advisor of decemeber in AskPaulinaGirls (APG) here is what it said:

If the image is too small this is what it says:

We have sent you your prize from the Ask Paulina Girls Club.

Congratulations on being a winner. APG and Paulina -- you are all stars!

twinkle twinkle

Callie Stardoll

When I saw this I was so excited! I know this may sound like im bragging, but Im not im just showing you what happens if you win! To see what the prize is that I won come visit me, otherwise here is a picture:


  1. That is so awesome! You deserve it Mel! :)

  2. Omg!
    Totally jealous!
    You totally deserve it!

  3. wow!! I want to win next month! Congratulations on that once again.

  4. Yay! Thats so great! You definitely deserve it!
    Haha, what a nice surprise to log into! :)

  5. OMG your just sooo lucky !!
    And i really wanna win too next time!

    Have fun!