Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Me..a Covergirl!!

Yes! Today I was voted Covergirl, and what an amazing experience it has been! Finally this virtual dream of mine has come true, and all my hard work in wanting this moment has paid off at last! Although you technically only get 25sd and a ribbon, it is a symbol of something much more and it is just something I cannot even describe! I will be most likely accepting requests for a year haha! Stardoll does requests in increments of like 700, so anytime I finish accepting 700 I get 500 more instantly! I have recieved so many gb comments, album comments, scenery comments, messeges, gifts, and requests as I just mentioned, that I feel overwhelmed with compassion! What an amazing day, and to top it all off now I have a new banner! yay! haha

Anyways I wanted to post this so I can look back and remember what it was like! I want to thank everyone for the amazing love and support I have recieved, and all the voters who voted for me are truly amazing!

Stardoll does have its scammers and hackers, but for the most part it is filled with wonderful and beautiful people!