Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie Fashion Show!!

Barbie is celebrating a very important birthday! The famous fashion icon is turning the fabulous 50! As everyone knows Barbie is known for her glamorous ways, so to fufill everyone's expectations there was the very first ever Barbie fashion show! The show was in New York fashion week at the Bryant Park tents this past saturday, on Valentines day. With the models looking just like various collector barbies they sported classic looks, such as bouffant hair, perfect-in-place makeup, fabulous form-fitting cocktail dresses, gowns, suits, knock out accessories and super high heels (which were designed by the very well known Christian Louboutin). There were fifty looks created honoring fifty classic outfits and her fifty fabulous years! The show was such a big deal so many famous and amazing designers had the honor to be apart of this show! Some designers a part of the show were Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Carmen Marc Valvo, Marchesa, and those are only a few who designed for the chic plastic doll. The show was set in front of a bright pink background and a very sparkly chandelier. The show opened with a model dressed as the original barbie doll from back in 1959. The first look was designed by Rachel Roy. Rachel Roy told many reporters about how big Barbie was in influencing her to get into fashion. She recalled her first doll and the impact it had on her. The impact it had on her is similar to the impact the fashion show on Saturday had on her daughter. Her daughter summed up the whole experience by saying "I loved it". Other highlights of the night included our very own RC of stardoll, Heidi Klum sitting in the front row. And Kenneth Cole's designs which included a male model who was Barbie's Ken. However I think the biggest highlight was the fact that the tent was completely packed with people who traveled far and wide to see their favorite toy being celebrated! The satisfaction and awe from the audience as each look traveled down the runway was something that showed how influential Barbie is. Barbie proves how good you can look at 50!!

Pictures below are from the event so check those out as well !!

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XoXo Melanie (Bluegreen86)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! My name is Melanie Bookson, but you may know me as Bluegreen86, and I am the owner of this blog! This is my first post ever for my very first blog ever, The Sweet Side of Stardoll, and I am very excited! This blog is going to be very personal because it will include my thoughts, stories, and experiences that have to do with my stardoll life, and even in some cases my real life! There will be no other writers for this blog except for me, and I will be commenting on various topics that are stardoll related! Although there are many stardoll related blogs almost all are gossip blogs, and I will only be talking about the positive, or shall I say sweet side of stardoll! Every now and then I will be talking about a few major scandals but this blog is not for trash talking, gossiping, or anything of that nature! I will be praising not hating! Anyways I hope everyone takes this ride with me and enjoys some of my posts and ideas! I look forward to posting more in the future! Thank you for reading<3


Melanie (Bluegreen86)