Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! My name is Melanie Bookson, but you may know me as Bluegreen86, and I am the owner of this blog! This is my first post ever for my very first blog ever, The Sweet Side of Stardoll, and I am very excited! This blog is going to be very personal because it will include my thoughts, stories, and experiences that have to do with my stardoll life, and even in some cases my real life! There will be no other writers for this blog except for me, and I will be commenting on various topics that are stardoll related! Although there are many stardoll related blogs almost all are gossip blogs, and I will only be talking about the positive, or shall I say sweet side of stardoll! Every now and then I will be talking about a few major scandals but this blog is not for trash talking, gossiping, or anything of that nature! I will be praising not hating! Anyways I hope everyone takes this ride with me and enjoys some of my posts and ideas! I look forward to posting more in the future! Thank you for reading<3


Melanie (Bluegreen86)


  1. Woohoo I'm your 1st follower! I'm so happy for you Mel and that's what I try to do keep my blog positive :)There's enough negativity on stardoll why add to it! xoxo Jenna

  2. Omg I can't wait to see what you say! I Love reading what you say! Your just amazing!

  3. Aw! That is so amazing that you're starting a blog!!!