Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old D.K.N.Y Looking N.E.W !

First of all I wanted to apologize to the followers of this blog! I have not updated in nearly a month and I think it is just because I am getting used to this whole blogging world, and am verybusy lately! Anyway today as I was looking through my closet for a new outfit, I saw the DKNY Shearling Cocktail coat and I was pretty much shocked! I new something had changed but I was unsure if I was just imagining it so I went to the DKNY doll and this is what I found:
The one on my medoll is the new jacket, and the one on the DKNY doll is the old one. It changed randomly and greatly. Anyone have any ideas as to why it changed? I personally love it a lot more now, it is bigger and to me easier to make outfits with since I find it alot more noticeable! Anyone else like the change?


  1. I noticed this with the pink sequined dress too! It's weird, right? I wonder why Stardoll is doing this.

  2. Woah. That's really weird.
    But I like it a lot better.
    Like you said, though, I wonder why it got changed???

  3. i like it without buttons.
    Why stardoll, why?

  4. I noticed this on a few pieces of old DKNY in my closet. I wounder what their doing it for ? PLEASE NO RE-REALEASES!

    But, i doubt they will re-realease and if they do.. its war. Lol.

  5. Lol! I hope they don't release the items either, I would be so disappointed!

  6. I LOVE THE CHANGE! but how come it changed?..what a shock.